I particularly like the fact that Susan prepares my facial for me – she develops her own “recipe” each time I visit and works according to the season or to what my skin is experiencing at that time. The most unique part of Susan’s facials is the foot or hand massage while my face is relaxing with a masque. This extra personal touch raises Susan’s services well above any other I have experienced. I recently spent four years in Asia and took advantage of opportunities to visit many high-end esthetic studios in major cities. I can honestly say that not one provided the caring yet professional service that Full Circle provides. Expect to be treated professionally. And, to be amazed with the product line, Éminence.

Since working with Susan the fine lines around my eyes have diminished and overall my skin looks younger and fuller. Superior facials and superior customer service. Also, the products used are amazing and provide excellent results all of the time. I love how you go the extra mile. You make everyone that sees you feel very special and you have a magic touch. I recommend you to everyone because of this.

I have total trust that Sue will advise me for what works best for me. She doesn’t over sell but gives you a complete and accurate account of the products and what it does for you and how to use it. My skin is much healthier, more even in colour, wrinkles are kept under control

As a senior client, Susan determines the best product procedure to use on my ageing skin.  She is able to produce just the right ‘ concoction’ to help with any current issues my skin is going through. I always feel very rejuvenated after my treatment and my skin feels ‘ years ‘ younger!

The most important thing people should know about you is that you care about each and every person that walks through your door and that you have an amazing amount of knowledge about your services and products you carry.

Having better skin does give me more confidence to face each day!

I feel rejuvenated and my skin loves to be pampered and cleaned!!
I have really benefited from the hands on touch and to take time out to rest and do something for me.

My skin feels and looks the best it ever has!

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