Covid-19 Policy

If you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone in the last 10 days who is not well, please cancel your appointment and we will reschedule you for a future appointment no charge.

Full Circle Esthetics Covid 19 plan updated Jan 2021

Client Rules:

  • Preform self test for Covid 19 the day of your service. Cancel if you are not feeling well in anyway. No cancelation fees will apply – just appreciation. Self test @
  • Please remain in your car until appointment time. Then come in the front door and remain on the mat. We will check your temperature and asses your health. Anyone running a fever will not be served and their appointment rescheduled.
  • Please wear a mask upon entering the spa and as you leave the treatment room. If you do not have one – one will be provided.
  • Please use the sanitization set up at the front when you enter the spa as directed. Service clients will be immediately taken to wash their hands before service commences.
  • Please wash you hands thoroughly before service commences.
  • Please be mindful of time and clients waiting in cars for their services – sterilization takes extra time.
  • Please bring your own water. I have recyclable cups but would like to cut down on waste. This new way requires a lot of disposable wipes, gloves, and masks. Let us find ways to minimize our impact.
  • Please leave all jewelry and accessories at home.
  • Please bring just you form of payment. No big purses/backpacks.
  • Please follow the posted directions upon entry. One client in the front area at a time. Clients waiting for product pick up may stand inside door on rainy days while the client being served finishes up. Area such as doors counters and visa machines will be sterilized after every use.
  • Please do not touch the products – The staff at Full Circle Esthetics will be happy to assist you.
  • Please refrain from hugging – new practice for us – this will protect those coming behind you for services.
  • All forms of payment accepted. E-transfers, cash, visa, m/c, debit
  • Need physical assistance, please tell us in advance and we will meet you at the door. Visitors are currently not welcomed.
  • All services and product pick ups will be by appointment only. Curbside pick up will remain in effect, except Saturday when the spa will be open for skin care and makeup consultations and retail shopping. Clients will be aloud in 1 at a time.

Clients are forbidden from coming if:

  • Client is directed by Public Health to self isolate.
  • Client has recently traveled outside of Canada or come close contact with a traveler from outside Canada, must self isolate for 14 days before services will be rendered.
  • Clients that have been identified by Public Health as a close contact of someone with Covid-19
  • Clients traveling off the island must notify and reschedule if quarantine time is warranted.
  • Client has had Covid 19 symptoms or been in contact with someone with the Covid 19 must refrain from coming and self isolate for 14 days and monitor the symptoms to adjust isolation time accordingly.
  • Covid-19 Symptoms – fever or chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches, headaches, loss of appetite, loss of sense of smell or taste, extreme fatigue or tiredness, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Client must have one healthy day before coming for services. For example – client is sick on Monday and Tuesday but feels better on Wednesday. They can not come to the spa on Wednesday and need to wait until Thursday to return. Wednesday being the one healthy day before services.

Sterilization and Sanitization Enhanced – How We are keeping you safe. Covid 19 – Service Procedures/ Esthetician/ Front Desk Enhanced Protocols:

  • Practicing impeccable hand washing often- this is our best defense. Upon arrival, before and after clients, after cleaning, before and after eating and of course after using the bathroom. Signage is posted in staff room on how to wash your hands properly and how to stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • All staff will enter wearing a mask, wash their hands and take their own temperature upon arrival.
    Masks will be worn at all time except in the staff room for rehydration and eating.
  • If any staff member is unwell, their appointments will be canceled, and they will remain at home until they have been well for a day. That said staff member then will go through the motions of getting a COVID-19 test before returning to work if warranted by the BC Health. We are all in this together and will do out best to keep out clients, families, and selves safe. We will follow the procedures and protocols laid out by BC Health and we will respect and follow all guidelines required to prevent the spread of the virus. Every situation is different, each situations risk will be analysed and followed through accordingly.
  • Every booking receives an email stating the Clients Rules regarding Covid-19.
  • Every client will be quizzed about their health. The front door has signage stating masks must be worn and the Covid-19 self test is located at the front door along with the client rules.
  • Cancelation fees are waived – no penalties for last minute cancelations.
  • There is no longer a waiting area – all chairs and couches have been removed.
  • Plexiglass has been installed in the front area. We still wear masks and so does the clients.
  • Services will be limited to ensure clients are kept safe, booked appointments will be staggered to prevent more then one person at a time in the front area.
  • Services have been limited to facials. Clients may add on extras like waxing to a facial. Skin Care and Facials is our main business and limiting services to only facials has allowed us to minimize how many clients we see in a day.
  • We are not taking out of town clients until the restrictions are lifted.
  • Service days have been limited. Products can be purchased curbside during service days. Spa is open for retail sales only on Saturdays – no services that day.
  • Every client entering the spa is entered into the computer. Easy for contact tracing if needed.
  • Covid-19 policies and procedures are located on our website and our Facebook page is directed to it for the rules.
  • Covid 19- Policies and Procedures are posted in the front area of the spa for everyone to see.
  • Each Esthetician will have a room that they are fully responsible to set up, clean and sterilize after every client. Each Esthetician will be given extra time to complete this task after every service.
  • Every spa room, equipment and linens will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between clients.
  • Front area will be wiped down and sterilized after every client, including all doors, handles, products, switches, pos, surfaces – the floors will be vacuumed and washed regularly.
  • The bathroom will be cleaned and sterilized after each client and staff.
  • Every surface touched by the client will be wiped and sterilized including products accidently handled by clients that did not know the rules. Clients are not allowed to handle the products. Signs are posted with the products in bold bright letters ‘Do Not Touch Products – we will assist you.’
  • Disinfecting surfaces will be done with an EPA registered disinfectant (Bacterial, Viricidal and Fungicidal). Contact time for disinfect to work will be observed on labels.
  • All equipment/brushes used will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Standards we have always had, but with added care. Disposable brushes and applicators will be used whenever possible.
  • Each Esthetician upon entering the facial room whereby a client is no longer wearing a mask, will be wearing a shield and mask, to protect themselves and the client. This will be worn through out the service.
  • Masks and Shields will be worn when client is wanting to purchase makeup that requires them lifting their masks for color matching.
  • Every client entering the spa will be quizzed about their health, their temperature will be taken and then taken to wash their hands before service commences.
  • Virus can not be absorbed by the skin. During service we will wear gloves upon the client’s request. It is safer to wash our hands impeccably often. Gloves give the sense of safety, but quite often are misused or problematic. We are thinking of the environmental impact and how we can also navigate it better.
  • The entire spa has been de-cluttered and cleaned in every nook and cranny.
  • Aprons will be changed after every client and a new clean uniform worn daily.
  • Appropriate masks will be worn by esthetician throughout your entire service and while cleaning and sterilizing the area. The estheticians will only be allowed to remove their masks in the staff room for hydration and lunch.
  • Every spa room has had all supplies and extra furniture removed for efficiency in sterilization.
  • Laundry will continue as before, except now we will dry every load on high heat to kill viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria can not survive the dryer.
  • Note – Bleach does not disinfect when combined with hot water. It has a reaction and separates making it an ineffective disinfectant. Bleach in cold water disinfects. Also learned there is different kinds of bleach and they are not all disinfectants – need to read the label to find out which one is the disinfectant. The others are for deodorizing and laundry.
  • The shared staff room and supply room will be kept clean and sterilized. We will gather out products needed for services in dishes on trays. Products that can not be scooped out (tonics and serums) will be sanitized when returned to the supply room. All trays, dishes and equipment are washed and sterilized after every client.
  • The beauty council of Canada suggests clients hold a towel and if they feel a sneeze or cough, use the towel to cover quickly to capture the droplets.
  • One client at time – product and services by appointment only. Clients will be staggered accordingly as to not cross paths and to allow for adequate sterilization time between them. On Saturdays when we do only retail sales, one client is allowed in at a time and the front area is cleaned and sterilized before we serve the next client.
  • Mirrors are kept in the back and sterilized after every use.
  • Testers may be used by an employee with disposable wands, for demonstration and compatibility. Clients must not touch the testers. Sign are posted and we watch and communicate to them not to handle the products.
  • All Eminence testers have been moved to behind the desk and will not be handled by anyone, but employees of Full Circle Esthetics.
  • The Jane Iredale make-up and brushes are sterilized and mobile and will be in a drawer that employees only have access to. Lipsticks and mascara will be applied with disposable brushes by the client.
  • Deliveries are coming regularly and are dropped in the hall and left for a few hours and then dealt with.
  • All lunch and snack food must be contained in its own serving apparatus and must be taken home dirty. The sink is not to be used to wash personal dishes. The fridge can be shared by each having an individual shelf. Breaks will be staggered to maintain distancing.
  • Please know I am doing all I can to keep us safe, but I feel you also need to assess the risk and determine for yourself if you feel safe. Always follow your instincts – in time we will all be together again.
  • All of us at Full Circle Esthetics will do our best to maintain distancing.
  • Eminence Organics has launched a new program that allows products to be delivered directly to your home. Go to our website and follow the link. Remember to make an account as you go

Regarding Being in Balance Therapies – Ana Rosa will be operating her own business out of Full Circle Esthetics on Monday and Tuesday when Full Circle Esthetics is not open.

  • Being in Balance Therapies will have a Covid 19 safety plan and it will be posted in her room.
  • Being in Balance Therapies is in align with all Full Circle Esthetics cleaning and sterilizing procedures and client protocols.
  • Being in Balance Therapies will have all its own supplies and will not share the laundry or equipment of Full Circle Esthetics.
  • Full Circle Esthetics will provide Being in Balance Therapies all its sterilizing and cleaning products.


  • Work Safe BC
  • Beauty Council of Canada
  • Esthetician Council of USA
  • Following Dr Bonnie Henry and guidelines she has ordered.
  • Vancouver Island Coastal Tourism Resiliency Program – numerous interactions – incredibly supportive.
  • Oceanside Initiatives – very supportive.
  • Eminence Organics Skin Care Team – my team!

New Covid-19 Work Schedule

  • Services by Appointment Only Wed 12-7, Thurs 10-5, Fri 10-5 and Full Circle is open to the public for skin consultations and retail sales Sat 10-4 – first come first served – One client at a time, poke your head in and let us know you are waiting. We will sterilize touch points between customers. All customers must wear a mask to enter the spa – no exceptions.
    If you can not wear a mask, we can assist you by phone and you may pick up products curbside.